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    Bankruptcy Attorneys in East Tennessee

    Charles Pope has over 25 years of experience helping individuals and companies file for bankruptcy. His background knowledge in corporate, lending, and accounting make him Johnson City’s leading litigator to you file bankruptcy. He has industry qualifications in many of the sectors which are currently experiencing challenges, e.g. trucking, real estate, small businesses, and financial concerns. Whether you need help with personal or business bankruptcy, we are here to help.

    Don’t hire a debt consolidation agency! Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy costs you significantly less money and gives you the opportunity to rebuild your credit more quickly. Let Pope help you file chapter 7 bankruptcy debt consolidation. Our law firm represents clients who need help with chapter 7 bankruptcy law.

    Types of Bankruptcy Cases


    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    This is quickest way to overcome your debts and start rebuilding your credit process


    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Chapter 11 is a reorganization of debts and charges against a person.


    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Individuals and small business owners may qualify for Chapter 13 if they are facing possible foreclosure, repossession or garnishments.

    Bankruptcy Lawyer

    The Pope Firm is an experienced commercial and bankruptcy litigator, with corporate, lending and accounting backgrounds and experience in workouts and restructuring. We have industry qualifications in many of the sectors which are currently experiencing challenges, e.g., trucking, real estate, small businesses, and financial concerns.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    The most common form of bankruptcy, Chapter 7, involves the liquidation of your business assets under the protection of the court. The court evaluates your assets, then liquidates or sells them to pay off creditors.

    Our attorneys evaluate your business assets to determine your best course of action for Chapter 7. We negotiate with creditors, preventing them from harassing you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the last resort for sole proprietorships and small businesses.

    Who is Eligible?

    Not everyone can file a Chapter 7. In Tennessee, you’ll find that you have to pass a “means test” which will determine if you are eligible or not. If your income is in excess of a certain amount, then you won’t be able to file for this type.

    It’s available to the following:

    So if the entity which is seaking to file a Chapter 7 falls under a different type of arrangement, then they’ll have to seek out other options.

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    Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Any kind of bankruptcy is a complicated process, and you’ll find that you want the help of a legal professional on your side during the proceedings. The whole process requires itemizing your exemptions, the filing itself, and numerous intricate pieces of work.

    It will be an intense three to four months, but having an attorney who can explain things to you and help you make the right decisions for the future of your financial welfare is essential.

    We have offices located in Johnson City, KnoxvilleKingsportChattanooga, and Morristown, TN and want to help you through this difficult period of your life. Contact us, and we can help you to decide how to move forward with the proceedings, and you can have confidence that your steps will be guided in the right direction.