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Bankruptcy and Filing in Kingsport, Tennessee

Here at The Pope Firm, we’re dedicated to assisting people who need legal help of any kind, and this includes debt relief. Times can be rough for many people, and many people find themselves struggling or flat out unable to meet their financial obligations.  Charles Pope, Attorney At Law, has helped countless clients obtain the financial relief they desperately need through the way of bankruptcy at a fair price. We take meticulous care of our clients, and do whatever it takes and whatever we can within the boundaries of the law to obtain the most favorable outcome for their case. If you’re experiencing overwhelming outstanding debt, a lawsuit, collection, student loans, or repossession, we’d like to help defend you by way of Bankruptcy. Our Kingsport, Tennessee attorneys will work for you every step of the way to ensure that you are in the loop and informed with the ongoings of the bankruptcy and filing process.


Filing For Bankruptcy Can Help You Gain Back Your Financial Security In The Following Ways:


  • When you file for bankruptcy, you’re usually allowed to restructure your existing debts into manageable payments, in the case that you’re unable to eliminate them entirely.
  • You’ll never have to worry about being harassed by creditors or debt collectors again after you file for bankruptcy. These creditors will be aware of your new financial situation, and like magic, the phone will cease ringing.
  • Filing for bankruptcy will allow you to completely stop or considerably delay the repossession of your property. There are things that the modern human needs to feel safe and comfortable, and when you file for bankruptcy, the courts will take this fact into consideration.


The Different Types Of Bankruptcy

Depending on your situation, there are different types, officially known as “chapters” of bankruptcy, that you can file for. These different chapters of bankruptcy provide different results for different cases, and it’s important to have some knowledge on these chapters before filing for bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a commonly filed for chapter of bankruptcy and is intended for use by low to moderate income individuals with more debt than they’ll ever be able to repay. If properly executed, this chapter of bankruptcy can eliminate most or all of a person’s unsecured debt. If you’re eligible, Chapter 7 could be a great debt relief solution for you.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Another great debt relief solution is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that works great for people that aren’t eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy. This chapter allows the debtor, or person that has borrowed money, to restructure their payment plans to be more manageable. At the end of this payment plan, most unsecured debts are discharged, or eliminated. This is sure to provide some much-needed breathing room for those people that feel in over their head, and are in need of some debt relief.


If you need assistance with personal or business bankruptcy and filing in Kingsport, Tennessee, reach out to The Pope Firm and Charles Pope, Attorney At Law.

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