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Filing For Bankruptcy in Bristol, Tennessee

Charles Pope, Attorney at Law has helped countless clients who need help managing their outstanding debts via bankruptcy. Financial times can be tough, and there are many Americans that are struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet due to debt. The Pope firm main goal is to assist people who need legal help, and we’re no stranger to debt relief. We do whatever we can within the boundaries of the law to obtain the most favorable results for our clients. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed due to credit card debt, medical bills, or tax-related debt, we’re here to help you gain some financial freedom through bankruptcy. The Pope firm’s Bristol, Tennessee attorneys are here for you and will walk through each and every step to ensure that you are informed throughout the entire process that goes into filing for bankruptcy.

Feel Financially Secure Again With Bankruptcy; Here are just a few benefits to filing:

Upon filing for bankruptcy, your debt will either be entirely eliminated or restructured to be paid back in a way that works with your budget. This should provide an immediate relief to anybody who’s struggling to pay back their creditors.

Filing for bankruptcy will stop those annoying calls from debt collectors and lenders in the blink of an eye. These debt collectors will be informed that you’ve filed for bankruptcy and will stop harassing you entirely.

Stop or delay the repossession of your property by filing for bankruptcy. Courts take into consideration the amenities that you need to feel comfortable, and won’t take those things away from you. The things that won’t be taken from you include your home, transportation to work, and necessities like clothing and personal belongings.


Different Chapters of Bankruptcy For Different Situations

There are different kinds, or “chapters” of bankruptcy that can be filed for to accomplish different things. Each chapter of bankruptcy provides different kinds of debt relief, and not everybody is eligible to file for just any chapter. It’s important to have some foreknowledge of these different chapters of bankruptcy before you begin the filing process.


Eliminate Most or All of Your Debt With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The most commonly filed for chapter of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to be used by low to middle-class individuals who need serious help paying back their debt. When Chapter 7 bankruptcy is properly executed, the debtor can be completely relieved of all outstanding debts. In the case that not all of the debt is eliminated, a considerable amount will be deducted. Chapter 7 works wonders for those individuals that need a break paying back their debt.


Restructure Your Outstanding Debt With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great debt relief solution for people that are not eligible to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. When you file for chapter 13, you’re beginning the process of restructuring your debt so you can pay it back in a way that coincides with your budget. Once the debt is restructured, you’ll begin a payment plan that once concluded,  will discharge most if not all of your unstructured debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide some much-needed debt relief and breathing room to those people that can’t manage their outstanding debt.


If you need legal help of any kind while filing for bankruptcy in Bristol, Tennessee, contact The Pope firm for concise, informative, and friendly legal consultation.


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